We specialize in knives built for the life you lead


  • The blade blanks are laser cut, professionally ground and heat treated. Using these processes allows for extremely consistent tolerances, and in turn allow us to keep our prices very fair, sacrificing zero quality.
  • Nitro-V steel is the primary steel used, chosen for its superb blade properties. These include excellent edge holding, toughness and corrosion resistance, while being easy to maintain the edge.
  • Finishes are cerakote and stonewash, with both being extremely resilient to wear and offering your personal preference in looks.
  • Each blade is laser etched with our logo and hand sharpened to a razors edge.


Synthetics like G10 and Micarta are our primary choice. As a handle material, they are practically impervious to conditions and the elements you will likely encounter. There is zero maintenance, excellent traction while wet and a variety of colors to choose from.


Sheathes are constructed from kydex . Kydex is a thermoform plastic, and each blades sheath is individually molded ensuring the best retention and fitment. Your knife will lock into place and not come out until you need it. The belt loops have pull-the-dot snaps which are directional offering the strongest form of snap retention. The belt loops are also ambidextrous, and the blade can be carried left or right handed, vertical or horizontal as well as removed if not needed. Lastly, the grommets are spaced to accept many different carry options of your choosing including Tek-lock and Molle.

At the end of the day, all the aspects of what is needed to create a high performance cutting tool have been thought out and tested by us. All that is left is for you to use one and experience what a high quality blade is all about.